2 Major Things You Can Pawn Today For Top Dollar

When you look at various things that you can sell or even pawn, you’ll find that there are many things to consider. You will be able to garner top dollar with a variety of solutions. Now, there are a few things that you will no doubt want to look into, as you may want to get a financial leg up with the help of a local or online pawn shop. Now, what options are going to work best for your needs? Well, that’s a matter of knowing what is going to garner you top dollar.

The following options may seem simple enough, but many people don’t realize just how much they can get for them. With that in mind, take into consideration the 2 major things that you can pawn right now to garner you top dollar, and do so without having to really think twice. If you have any of these items, you could garner a great deal of money through a loan or a selling outright.

Diamond Jewelry

pawnGoing for the first major option, you’ll find that diamond jewelry is something that is going to garner you a great deal of money overall. Many people have relationships that break up, or lose their marriages, or just about any thing that comes at them. Life has a way of throwing curves at people, and if you find yourself dealing with something difficult like a break up, and you were given jewelry with diamonds in them, you’re going to need to look into this as a whole.

Diamond jewelry from rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and so much more will garner you a great deal of money overall. This is something that is going to help you get top dollar and will no doubt be something that you will want to explore. Now, if the diamonds are embedded in gold or silver, then you’ll also garner a great deal of money as well. This is a simple thing.

High End Watches

For those that want to look at a different path, you’ll want to possibly pawn watches. High end watches are in demand and could very well garner you thousands of dollars if you want a loan or you want to sell something.


pawn watch

The best thing about this is that you may have one of these lying around that you don’t even wear or use at all. Some of the top brands that you should consider include Oh-mega, Rolex, Cartier, and others. As long as you are 100% sure that your watches are not replicas, you’re going to get a good thing overall.

If you have the original box, receipt, and more, that is going to help you as well. This is something that you should no doubt want to look into.

High end watches don’t always have to be gold, silver, or platinum, mind you, they can be hand crafted, limited edition, and signature pieces. As long as they are not replicas, you can garner a top dollar amount for this solution. High end watches, and diamond jewelry can garner you a great deal of financial glory when you want to pawn something.

Why T-Shirts Are Good for All Seasons?

design your own hoodieIt cannot be denied that t-shirts are considered as the most basic wardrobe staple. This versatile piece has been the backbone of many closets for numerous years. Everyone just loves the unlimited options that t-shirts can offer.  This basic piece can turn any looks distinct when styled properly and differently. Perhaps, the most popular style of t-shirts is the casual look. Many have deemed it suitable for any ordinary and normal occasions since it comes in a basic tailored layout which gives off a simple vibe. Next to casual wear follows the formal attire. You can just pair a t-shirt with any formal apparel, and the look would be completely set.

Since it can be paired well with any kind of clothing, that brings about the adaptability and versatility of t-shirts. Apparently, you can reinvent any look effortlessly with just a simple t-shirt.

Thus, it is a multifunctional attire that works in any season. Here, we have compiled essential details and reasons as to why t-shirts are suitable at any time of the year.

Its versatility Function

To some people, t-shirts are considered as a blank canvas where they have the opportunity to produce something original and imaginative. Since t-shirts are multi-functional, it can be customized and paired with different apparels. While others opt for a mix-and-match approach, a lot of people especially fashion enthusiasts love to play with t-shirt customization. For instance, you can design your own hoodie with modified t-shirt prints. With the right techniques and better utilization of creativity, the possibilities that t-shirts can offer are almost endless.


Its Trend-Proof Feature

Ever since t-shirts have been a part of our everyday wardrobe, they have never become out of style. When other fashion trends come and go, t-shirts have remained as the most used and preferred clothing. It is because the possibilities that t-shirts can offer are limitless, and they have always paved a path for innovation. This is one of the reasons why they are good for all seasons. Since they will be forever trendy, you can use them for a longer time.

Its Economical Rate

Since t-shirts are a basic clothing, they usually are offered at a cheaper price. Therefore, you can buy several pieces with different designs. That makes it one of the reasons why they can be worn perfectly in any seasons.  You can wear different patterns and outlines every day without spending too much.

Its Numerous Availability of Options

Aside from being versatile, it can also provide you with a variety of options to settle on.  You can opt for a sustainable garment, high-quality and low-priced t-shirts, and other practical choices. Almost all clothing brands produce t-shirts nowadays, thereby giving you a wide array of selections. Because of this, it is just easy for you to create different looks for a particular season as you will not run of ideas with several t-shirt options available. Just like doing t-shirt customization and more, you can design your own hoodie and t-shirts with the help of your creativity.

Its Comfortability Function

One of the biggest reasons why t-shirts are favored by many people is due to the comfort that it provides. T-shirts have become the foundation of comfort when it comes to garments. The fabric of t-shirts is completely comfortable. The sleeves are made short and fitting to any body type. That is why you can wear them at ease wherever you go. That makes it one of the factors why t-shirts can be used in any season.

Its Low-Level of Exposure

During the summer season, days will get warmer, and people will tend to wear smaller clothes. This can lead you to be exposed and cause unnecessary distractions. Then again, since t-shirts are comfortable, you can wear them on a warm day without showing more flesh. It prevents you from receiving unwanted attention and from standing out too much.

Its Class and Style

There is a wide array of t-shirts in the market, and you can opt for different designs that can suit your class and style. Furthermore, its usual simple design allows you to have it modified. You can design your own hoodie together with your t-shirt in a chosen design. This multi-purpose piece is a great provider of class and style.

Final Thoughts

Different seasons may have you compromise fashion, style, and comfort. Because we need to protect ourselves from climate and weather, we often neglect our fashion needs and get to have limited ways to express fashion. With the existence of t-shirts, it allows us to wear garments in a comfortable and stylish way any time of the year.


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The Simple Choice To Sell Gold To A Pawn Shop

Pawn There are a number of factors that can lead you to wanting to sell your precious metals. Millions of dollars are exchanged on a daily basis between people that want to sell their items. For instance, did you know that many are selling their old jewelry pieces, including those items that are made of gold, silver, and platinum? Considering that gold is something that people want to get rid of, you will find that there are a lot of different companies that are willing to pay top dollar for the items.

The great thing about this, that you may not think of is simple, you don’t have to sell or pawn high end things. That’s right, you can have broken, beat up, used, old, and any solid jewelry option for top dollar. The market value of your gold could very well give you a great deal of opportunity for any number of things you may need to purchase, or pay. Whether you have a lot of bills that are overdue, or you want to go on a long vacation, you can get this done by simply seeking out a good pawn option.

Pawning Garners You An Easy Loan

Without good credit, your chances of getting a loan is not going to be easy. You’re going to find that this is a tough situation if something arises. If you have an emergency situation or you’re dealing with any sort of financial matter, and you don’t have a great deal of money, you’re going to be saddened by what happens next. You will not be able to spend your money to the right people, and could end up dealing with a major problem overall.

Pawning garners you credit when other options don’t help. This is done through the collateral system. What you’ll do is simple, you’ll be able to get a loan for the item that you put up for collateral. Let’s say that you were to pawn your gold, and it’s valued at a few thousand dollars. You could borrow that money, and then use it for a number of things. So long as you pay back your loan, you can get your items back. However, there is a caveat that you should know about. You’re going to find that you will need to pay back your loan within the allotted terms. If you do not, if you fail to pay, you’re going to end up losing out big time. You may end up losing your items, which is never a good thing. Pawning is a great option for short term lending.

Selling Gold Through A Pawn Broker

Pawn ShopAnother aspect of selling gold is not necessarily found in pawning. Instead of pawning, you can get a solid sale. You can sell your gold straightway and get top market value. This could include several thousands of dollars depending on the weight, size, and shape of the pieces that you have. Don’t worry about whether they work or not, or if there is dust, etc. The weight of the gold will allow you to get top dollar for your items, and that’s a great thing. Selling is easier than ever today, and you don’t have to physically walk into a pawn shop to get the benefits of this option.

At the end of the day, you’re going to find that the simple choice to sell gold via a pawn solution will pay off dividends. Test this methodology once, even online, and you’re going to see a nice financial boost. This is something that you shouldn’t dismiss, and instead, test it out and see how grand it could be overall.


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Overview of the PCB Assembly Process

pcb-assembly Despite its diminutive appearance, a number of processes are actually involved in the assembly of printed circuit boards. These processes need tube accomplished in accordance with a prescribed sequence in order for them to result in a quality product that will play an integral role in numerous electronic products and devices. The PCB assembly sequence ensures that any issues and or glitches that occur at any of the stages can be quickly identified and appropriately addressed.

The first stage in the PCB assembly process is the application of solder paste using a solder screen. Even before any external components are integrated onto a printed circuit board, solder paste must be used to indicate the areas where solder is to be applied on the initially bare surface of the board.

The process of applying solder paste can be likened to the process of silkscreen printing –

The solder screen essentially functions in the same manner as a silkscreen since its primary purpose is to indicate the areas where the solder paste should be deposited in. The predetermined areas are also called solder pads and are based on the files of previously made printed circuit boards. The most vital step in this stage is consistency of the solder paste, since all solder pads must end up with the same deposited amount of solder.

The next stage in the PCB assembly process is known as the pick and place stage. This process is so called since the stage requires a machine to pick component parts and place them on their predetermined positions on the printed circuit board.

As long as the board is not subjected to sudden movements, the solder paste can sufficiently anchor the component parts on the surface. However, as a precautionary method, glue is also often added onto the printed circuit boards in order to further secure the component during the pick and place stage. The only disadvantage is that unless the glue is designed to eventually weaken, it will be hard to make subsequent repairs or changes.

Similar to solder screens, pick and place machines are also guided by pre made printed designs. The designs specify the positions of each individual component and thus serve to hasten and simplify the pick and place stage of printed circuit board assembly.

The third stage in the assembly process involves passing the printed circuit boards through a soldering machine. Due to the innovative and more efficient production afforded by the surface mount technology, soldering components onto the PCBs can now be completed at a much faster rate.

PCB-AssemblyAfter completing the soldering stage in quick turn pcb assembly, each individual printed circuit board will then have to undergo a thorough inspection. Since a manual inspection will prove too tedious and time-consuming, a specially programmed machine is instead used to inspect the hundred or so components on the printed circuit board. The optical inspection is meant to detect any wrongly positioned components and weakened joints.

Later on, those printed circuit boards which pass inspection are sent off for testing. It is a prerequisite for all electronic products and devices to undergo various testing methods in order to ensure that they are able to function as intended.

The final stage in PCB assembly is the generation of feedback – 

Although this is the last stage, it is by no means the least important one. In fact, this stage could determine the entire flow of the production line.

As soon as any defects are detected during the inspection stage, then feedback must be immediately provided in order to correct those problems. This will save manufacturers from producing and ending up with substandard boards thereby saving precious time and resources.

This efficient and optimized system ensures that only products of the highest quality ever leave the factory and end up inside your electronic devices.

Getting the Design Right for Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom embroidered patches can be used in so many ways. They serve as tools in advertising and marketing a business owner’s company. A good patch also symbolizes the good name and reputation of the company. It is important to make sure that the patches are high quality to keep the company’s good impression on the target clients.

If you want embroidered patches, then make sure to choose the big size for your patch. Otherwise, it is impossible to see the details on small patches.

Choose a Design that Requires Depth

Embroidered patches are famous for giving depth and dimension on the patch. It is equally important to choose a design that requires depth to make the patch more appealing. You need to take advantage of the things that custom embroidered patches bring. It is equally important to choose the right colors that should go with the design.

Custom Embroidered Patches

Sometimes the wrong choice of colors can make the design unappealing. There are also times when the amazing color combination can make the design look superb even if the original draft is considered mediocre.

Make the Embroidery Standout

Embroidered patches are nice to look at because of the dimension that’s naturally provided in the design. When you make your patch design, think of something that could make the embroidery standout. You can add accent where it’s needed. You can ask the manufacturer’s artist to design one for you according to your specifications.
Understand that if you opt to have big patches, then simple and plain design won’t do. You need to make use of the embroidery’s prowess to make your design look magnificent. Keep in mind that you are selling or marketing your business to potential clients through your patches. Give custom embroidered patches that will surely attract your target clients.

Choose the Right Font Size

In designing your embroidered patch, it is important to choose the right font size to use. It should not be too big that might overpower the design or too small that might frustrate the potential client in reading. It is also important that the target client should be able to comprehend the meaning behind the design and grasp what is written in the patch.

Choose the Right Backing

There are various patch backings that different manufacturers offer. Choose the one that you think is the most suitable for your patches, but choose something that could last for a long time. Frankly speaking, don’t choose adhesive backings. You can choose sew-on patches, and they definitely last longer than other types of patch in the market today.


Elegant, Formal or Hip


What type of audience do you want to attract? If you want to attract the younger generation, then you need a hip design. If you want to attract the older generation, then go for a more elegant design. If you want to attract the bread winners or the serious types, then create a formal design. You can have different patch designs according to your target audience.

Even though you opt to have different patch designs for your different patches, retain something common in all of them. You can have the same logo and/or color scheme. Make your target clients know that the patches belong to your company. It also helps if you will just alter some of the things in the design to adapt to the taste or preference of your target clients.

No one can deny that significant and valuable contribution of custom embroidered patches in promoting your business. Utilize the benefits of the patches to the fullest. Create a design that would drive your target clients want to own one of your patches, and make sure that they keep them and boast the patches to their acquaintances.


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How to motivate yourself to perform better in everyday life – a Motivational-Speaker-Success guide

Once in a while, all of us feel that they are bored, helpless and at some point, useless. Indeed, everyone is experiencing these symptoms and it is normal, though when it is lasting more than a week, people will most likely urge you to visit a doctor. But in reality, there is no need for a doctor and us at Motivational-Speaker-Success, will prove this.

To begin with, lack of enthusiasm is always connected with personal motivation

Surely, some people are forcing themselves to do something regardless of their will to do something and for the most part, they are wrong since they are doing it wrong. Clearly, with motivation and dedication, better results can be expected. Though, one might ask what strategies can be used to meet this particular objective, which is why we, Motivational-Speaker-Success, are here to provide you with these small tips on how to improve your everyday life.

Motivational-SpeakerSelf-motivation is a difficult task to execute, though, with these small, simple, yet effective tips, you will not only be motivated but will achieve bigger things in your life. The very first this what should be done is all of your needs should be noted down. Indeed, writing down on a small paper all critical needs will not only determine what should be done but will eliminate all other, unnecessary needs. Another method that has proven to be effective and functional is write down things that can provoke a smile on your face. Clearly, it should not be connected with something that will never happen again, but more emphasized with something that is constant and will never disappear from your radar. A great example would be photos of your family, friends or loved once.


Moving on forward, another tip that is worth mentioning is that you should always be expecting less

True, it is hard to do so, but once executed, it will definitely improve your mood, which in turn, will motivate you to do better. Indeed, it is one of core, unwritten laws here at Motivational-Speaker-Success, and from a personal point of view, it is indeed functional, especially if it is combined with your favorite music. You expect less, spend less time and end up doing a great job.

Speaking of music, music plays a critical role in our everyday life. The core characteristic music possess, is it can motivate, as well as, it can demotivate you. Developing a strong playlist will not only boost your mood but will improve your performance rate. Powerful lyrics coupled with high BPM (Beats Per Minute) will eventually have an impact on your performance, we at Motivational-Speaker-Success, treat it as ritual of success due to the fact that once everyone listens to their own set of music, work flow is present, no delays and quality is high, clearly a beneficial strategy. Moving on forward, there is fear. Indeed, the unknown is scary and it can paralyze you, but if you are ready to face it, fight it, great results can be expected. Fear can come in many forms and can have different impacts, though once tackled, you will feel motivated more than ever, which in turn will pay off with high results, great mood and most importantly, you will be willing to try out new things more often than you can expect or as a matter of fact, more than you ever did so before.


Last but not least, you should clench vulnerability since it will serve as a determinative factor

Being vulnerable and not knowing it, will surely have a negative impact on your motivation and dedication, though being ready to face it, will breed new possibilities. A great way to boost your inner confidence is to exercise daily. Physical activities have proved many times to be beneficial not only for your physical well-being but moral as well, thus we at Motivational-Speaker-Success urge you to do so right away, regardless if you are motivated or not.

All in all, self-motivation is important and applying these small tips will eventually improve your everyday life. Surely, they are not universal, though once used in the right place at the right time, results will definitely improve your mood, which in turn will reward you with great mood, moreover, it will open new possibilities which is always beneficial. Tackling your fear, writing down all positive events while listening to energizing music, is all that you need to improve your will to do something in your life – in other words, doing those should bring you one step closer to success.


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The Right Golf Grips Are Every Golfer’s Best friend

The dog is man’s best friend, and golf grips are the golfer’s. A best friend is someone that you can rely on in times of need and can improve you in many ways the longer you are together. Golf grips are arguably the key factor to get you the perfect swing you have always wanted when playing golf.

Golf GripsGolf grips provide comfort and stability to your arms in every swing you make. These benefits actually enable you to make perfect swings with the least recoil to your hands and arms. On top of that, it also raises accuracy in every hit.

Choosing the Right Grip

The right grip must be selected. In order to do that, some factors must be considered first in order to find the best grips for you. There are many kinds of golf grips, each with distinct features. The items listed below are the most commonly used types with advantages and disadvantages included.

  • The first type is the Cord which is very tough in many conditions. It is sometimes considered an “all-weather” type because of its durability. This is a good choice if you are looking for long lasting grips with a sturdy feeling, but this grip has a very coarse feel on the hands, making some players uncomfortable.
  • Next is the Rubber which is also very durable like the Cord type and has a good tacky quality so it does not easily slip on the hands. One drawback of this type is its roughness and the tackiness wears out easily every time you clean it. But given that case, this type costs cheaper than the other types.
  • The third type is the synthetic kind which is soft to the hands with a nice and comfortable feeling. Most hobby players prefer this kind because of the ease of swing it brings. This type may be very ideal but it is not that durable to different environmental conditions. Another thing many players notice is its limitation to “soft-grip” players only.
  • Lastly, there is the leather type. This type has a classic look and nice comfortable feel. Leather grips also are very tacky but the main drawback here is that they are very costly and not that durable. Also, once it gets wet or rainy, the handling also drops.

The grip types listed above are the most commonly used so it would be a good baseline of selection to beginners.

The Basics of Golf Grips

Before buying a grip, it is right to be aware of the types there are in the market but it is also very important to know the other factors that must be looked into. Aside from the tackiness and grip feel, it is also important to consider the effects it brings to your arms and hands, and the stability it provides.

The first basic thing to consider is the recoil it brings to your hands and arms. Every time you hit the ball, force from the impact is drawn back to the club then to your hands and arms. This constant practice brings stress to your hands and arms. So, in order to minimize it, finding the right grip to absorb and disperse the impact is very critical without sacrificing the comfort and accuracy. Grips that are too soft can absorb the most impact but generally lowers the accuracy to some players because of the low handling nature of the soft grips. On the other hand, harder and sturdier grips give nice control and accuracy but absorb less impact, delivering more stress to your hands and arms.

The next thing to consider is the size of the grip. Basically, you won’t be able to hold a handle properly if it is either too big or too small for your hands. Finding just the right size for your palm can greatly improve playability and performance. Also, you need to factor in the size of the gloves that you will use because it also adds to the circumference size.

How and Where to Find Your Golf “Bestfriend”

There are many places where you can purchase grips that will be perfect for you. You can simply go to malls and look for sports shops that sell good quality grips. There, you can check immediately the product and get a hold of it first-hand.


And there is our very convenient online store that provides a wider range of products. They even deliver your orders right to your doorsteps in a very timely manner. One online store that is best recommended is the www.rockbottomgolf.com where you can find a lot of golf equipments including grips that are made in high qualities.

It will be up to you where you would like to purchase a grip but always remember to be critical and objective in finding the right golf “best friend”.


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Becoming Online Affiliates and Strategic Partnership Asset

The internet may have introduced another revolutionary movement in “self-learning skills.” The internet is changing the way people learn things; from what was once a person-to-person contact with experts to digital self learning skills of anything that interests them. This interest in self-learning skills accounts for the growth of blogs, self-publications, and other creative outlets. And, self-learning skills has become a niche where individuals earn income online, done so through an affiliate program that offers online affiliates and strategic partnership.


The popularity of self-learning skills

We only have to search the web for a variety of self-learning skills offered online from gardening, cooking, home repairs, and to anything that is of interest. The variety of “how to” articles and the number of people who read and benefit from these indicate the popularity of self-learning skills. These self-learning skills are usually published in blog sites and “how to” websites. But, why are these self-learning skills content popular?

  • Informative – the information we get from self learning skills content help us in ways we expect. The satisfaction we get from the information we get is what self learning skills content makes them mainstream articles.
  • Easy to follow guides – Guides come in easy to follow steps. Basic explanations make understanding easy and comprehensive. Anybody following the self learning articles gains from the information even when the article falls short of their expectations.
  • Accessed online for free – We see these articles on blog sites shared with online community for free. The sharing and the benefit the online community gets from self-learning skills content make these articles online mainstream.
  • The joy and satisfaction we get from creating – It is in our nature to create. The fact that we create and do things ourselves give us joy and satisfaction. And what we create gives us pride and builds confidence. Unlike in person-to-person contact with experts, we fear failures. In self-learning skills articles we are not afraid to fail and start all over.

Capitalize self learning skills content through an affiliate program

If you are a blogger or has a content-driven website, self learning skills content is a good niche that could yield income. And, enlisting in an affiliate program that offers attractive online affiliates and strategic partnership may help generate income.


An affiliate program is an arrangement where you get paid by a merchant website for links posted from your website to the merchant’s website. Payment, however, happens only when a visitor follows the link to the merchant’s website and makes a purchase. Since payment hinges on actual purchases made, this means the site owner’s site needs a lot of online traffic.


We can attract traffic to websites by employing proven strategies or partner with an experienced affiliate program designed to help with the marketing and monetizing the website’s content. Signing with an affiliate program makes everything easy for you. Earning income for your website does not end with generating traffic but includes tracking the traffic.

Tracking is a tedious task, particularly when we are successful in generating traffic to our website. An affiliate program can make tracking easy and convenient as they provide website owners with a phone number for tracking purposes and forwarding email so that all leads from your website can forward to the affiliate program’s website where both parties can monitor all leads (email or phone) and sales. We can then focus on working on our website’s to produce more quality content.   

When we generate traffic to our website, we get paid through the following payment arrangement:

  • Pay per click – the affiliate program pays according to agreed arrangement with the affiliate for a customer who buys something.
  • Pay per click – this is where an affiliate program pays the affiliate for the number of visitors who clicked the link and lands on the merchant’s site. Actual purchase is not necessary.
  • Pay per lead – in this arrangement, the affiliate gets paid for customers referred by the affiliate and who sign up as leads. The customer accomplishes some form at the affiliate program’s site providing information the affiliate program can use as sales lead.

According to the popular website signing up with an affiliate program with a good platform for online affiliates and strategic partnerships can help promote your chosen niche of self learning skills. You can then focus on what you do best and benefit the online community with the self learning projects you provide.

DIY Ideas for A Fun-filled Summer

The summer season has started. Most of us would think of going to the beach or a vacation in a much cooler place. But, what about those who are not planning any recreational activities during summer? If you are one of those people who are stuck in their homes during summer, we recommend that you gather your crafting materials and time to create a DIY project that you can use (and save money) for the rest of the year. Moreover, summer is a great time to spend quality time with your kids while they are not busy with school assignments and activities. Our DIY ideas are easy and super fun.

 Repainting your backyard’s fences

DIY Backyard Fence

Ask your kids of their favorite design. Plan the activity with them so they feel that they are part of it. Alternatively, choose at least five simple designs from the internet, print a copy for each design and let them select which one they like.

Sketch the chosen design on the fences using a charcoal. Designate each kid with a different color. If you only have one kid, invite a friend’s kids over to join the fun. Before letting them paint the fences, make them wear an old shirt or jumpsuit to avoid soiling their clothes with paint. Capture the moment with your camera so you and your kids have something to remember.

 Watermelon Shark

Watermelons are very juicy. Your kids will definitely like to munch on the fruit after the repainting job. Before you start designating their job with the repainting activity, make a snack that they will love

Using knives (a large one, a utility knife and a paring knife), melon baller, cherries or blueberries (large as medium marbles), gummy fish candies and raisins for garnish, carve a watermelon into a shark.

Choose a watermelon with an oblong shape. Cut the watermelon into half and slanted manner. Using a dry marker, draw the face of the shark on the other half. Use a utility knife to carve out the mouth and teeth. Remove the fruit flesh inside the “shark” watermelon and set aside. Cut the other half into small triangles. Place them into the mouth of the shark and garnish with gummy candies and raisins. Refrigerate. Serve the chilled watermelon shark after the repainting activity or while you and your kids are having a break.

 Chilly Pink lemonade

Alternatively, you can prepare refreshing lemonade for you and your kids to drink while munching on the shark watermelon. With fresh lemon juice, sugar, water and ice, make this easy and simple drink.

Mix and bring to a boil a cup of water with 2 cups of white sugar in a pan over medium heat. Stir until the mixture becomes clear. Remove saucepan from heat. While still hot, stir in 2 cups of lemon juice and ¾ cups of blueberries. In a serving pitcher with 7 cups of ice water, add the blueberries-lemonade syrup. Stir well until the water turns into a pink color. Serve while chilled in mason jars.

 A Blog that Earns

If you are not into crafty DIY ideas, why not start a blog that you can convert into a passive source of income. Select a niche that you can write passionately. It could be a hobby or a profession that you want to share with the rest of the world.

After establishing the blog, enroll it in an affiliate program. Many online businesses nowadays are offering such program, which you may use to earn an income on the side.

Starting a blog that earns takes only a few minutes to set up. The hard part is planning the topics that you will be posting in the future. Your blog should contain the right ingredients to make it successful. Employ optimization techniques to make it visible to the search engines. Publish high-quality content to gain trust from your target audience.

Summer should not be boring. You should spend it on fun-filled DIY activities that are budget friendly or start an endeavor that will enable you to save or generate money. If you have DIY ideas, do not hesitate to tell us and we might just feature it on our blog.