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Now, you could be my partner in providing free and easily accessible tips on self learning! Help keep this blog site running by entrusting us with your ads. Click here to contact the blog site owner or this one if you need more information about me and the blog. is a blog that provides up to date information about trends in self learning as well as the skills needed in the pursuit of self learning. I make sure that all these are presented in a simple, upbeat, and friendly manner. However simple and informal, of course I also try to always make it a point that everything I present in this blog is true and correct (except if it’s an article on myths and misconceptions, of course). That’s because I personally believe that there’s lots of potential in people out there that just needs help in leashing out to be realized. If you support my advocacy, then let’s talk on how to keep this blog running. You could click here to launch the private messaging page, or here for my contact numbers.

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