DIY Ideas for A Fun-filled Summer

The summer season has started. Most of us would think of going to the beach or a vacation in a much cooler place. But, what about those who are not planning any recreational activities during summer? If you are one of those people who are stuck in their homes during summer, we recommend that you gather your crafting materials and time to create a DIY project that you can use (and save money) for the rest of the year. Moreover, summer is a great time to spend quality time with your kids while they are not busy with school assignments and activities. Our DIY ideas are easy and super fun.

 Repainting your backyard’s fences

DIY Backyard Fence

Ask your kids of their favorite design. Plan the activity with them so they feel that they are part of it. Alternatively, choose at least five simple designs from the internet, print a copy for each design and let them select which one they like.

Sketch the chosen design on the fences using a charcoal. Designate each kid with a different color. If you only have one kid, invite a friend’s kids over to join the fun. Before letting them paint the fences, make them wear an old shirt or jumpsuit to avoid soiling their clothes with paint. Capture the moment with your camera so you and your kids have something to remember.

 Watermelon Shark

Watermelons are very juicy. Your kids will definitely like to munch on the fruit after the repainting job. Before you start designating their job with the repainting activity, make a snack that they will love

Using knives (a large one, a utility knife and a paring knife), melon baller, cherries or blueberries (large as medium marbles), gummy fish candies and raisins for garnish, carve a watermelon into a shark.

Choose a watermelon with an oblong shape. Cut the watermelon into half and slanted manner. Using a dry marker, draw the face of the shark on the other half. Use a utility knife to carve out the mouth and teeth. Remove the fruit flesh inside the “shark” watermelon and set aside. Cut the other half into small triangles. Place them into the mouth of the shark and garnish with gummy candies and raisins. Refrigerate. Serve the chilled watermelon shark after the repainting activity or while you and your kids are having a break.

 Chilly Pink lemonade

Alternatively, you can prepare refreshing lemonade for you and your kids to drink while munching on the shark watermelon. With fresh lemon juice, sugar, water and ice, make this easy and simple drink.

Mix and bring to a boil a cup of water with 2 cups of white sugar in a pan over medium heat. Stir until the mixture becomes clear. Remove saucepan from heat. While still hot, stir in 2 cups of lemon juice and ¾ cups of blueberries. In a serving pitcher with 7 cups of ice water, add the blueberries-lemonade syrup. Stir well until the water turns into a pink color. Serve while chilled in mason jars.

 A Blog that Earns

If you are not into crafty DIY ideas, why not start a blog that you can convert into a passive source of income. Select a niche that you can write passionately. It could be a hobby or a profession that you want to share with the rest of the world.

After establishing the blog, enroll it in an affiliate program. Many online businesses nowadays are offering such program, which you may use to earn an income on the side.

Starting a blog that earns takes only a few minutes to set up. The hard part is planning the topics that you will be posting in the future. Your blog should contain the right ingredients to make it successful. Employ optimization techniques to make it visible to the search engines. Publish high-quality content to gain trust from your target audience.

Summer should not be boring. You should spend it on fun-filled DIY activities that are budget friendly or start an endeavor that will enable you to save or generate money. If you have DIY ideas, do not hesitate to tell us and we might just feature it on our blog.