Getting the Design Right for Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom embroidered patches can be used in so many ways. They serve as tools in advertising and marketing a business owner’s company. A good patch also symbolizes the good name and reputation of the company. It is important to make sure that the patches are high quality to keep the company’s good impression on the target clients.

If you want embroidered patches, then make sure to choose the big size for your patch. Otherwise, it is impossible to see the details on small patches.

Choose a Design that Requires Depth

Embroidered patches are famous for giving depth and dimension on the patch. It is equally important to choose a design that requires depth to make the patch more appealing. You need to take advantage of the things that custom embroidered patches bring. It is equally important to choose the right colors that should go with the design.

Custom Embroidered Patches

Sometimes the wrong choice of colors can make the design unappealing. There are also times when the amazing color combination can make the design look superb even if the original draft is considered mediocre.

Make the Embroidery Standout

Embroidered patches are nice to look at because of the dimension that’s naturally provided in the design. When you make your patch design, think of something that could make the embroidery standout. You can add accent where it’s needed. You can ask the manufacturer’s artist to design one for you according to your specifications.
Understand that if you opt to have big patches, then simple and plain design won’t do. You need to make use of the embroidery’s prowess to make your design look magnificent. Keep in mind that you are selling or marketing your business to potential clients through your patches. Give custom embroidered patches that will surely attract your target clients.

Choose the Right Font Size

In designing your embroidered patch, it is important to choose the right font size to use. It should not be too big that might overpower the design or too small that might frustrate the potential client in reading. It is also important that the target client should be able to comprehend the meaning behind the design and grasp what is written in the patch.

Choose the Right Backing

There are various patch backings that different manufacturers offer. Choose the one that you think is the most suitable for your patches, but choose something that could last for a long time. Frankly speaking, don’t choose adhesive backings. You can choose sew-on patches, and they definitely last longer than other types of patch in the market today.


Elegant, Formal or Hip


What type of audience do you want to attract? If you want to attract the younger generation, then you need a hip design. If you want to attract the older generation, then go for a more elegant design. If you want to attract the bread winners or the serious types, then create a formal design. You can have different patch designs according to your target audience.

Even though you opt to have different patch designs for your different patches, retain something common in all of them. You can have the same logo and/or color scheme. Make your target clients know that the patches belong to your company. It also helps if you will just alter some of the things in the design to adapt to the taste or preference of your target clients.

No one can deny that significant and valuable contribution of custom embroidered patches in promoting your business. Utilize the benefits of the patches to the fullest. Create a design that would drive your target clients want to own one of your patches, and make sure that they keep them and boast the patches to their acquaintances.


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