How to Sell Metal to Make Money

Selling scrap metal may sounds silly, but if it’s done properly, it can add a decent amount of money into your pockets. Depending on how much scrap metal you have, you may even qualify for bonuses. If you wish to sell metal, there are a few steps that you will need to take.


The first and most obvious step towards making money is to gain product. You will need to find a lot of metal that can be recycled. Several places where you may be able to find scrap metal include construction sites, dumpsters, and junk yards. Always ensure that you are taking this metal legally, though. If the metal is on private property, always ask before taking as you could be arrested for stealing. Different metals bring different prices. Copper brings in the highest price. Other metals include aluminum, silver, and gold. Silver and gold jewelry can be sold, though generally these items are taken to places other than scrap metal shops. Metal prices rise and fall with the economy just like everything else, so if the prices are very low you should try to wait them out. This may take time but if you’re patient you could make a significantly higher amount.


The price of the metal may increase if the metal is cleaned before selling. For example, aluminum cans should be rinsed out before being sold. Other metals may need to be stripped prior to being sold. If the metal contains insulate wiring, this should also be removed. Once the metal is cleaned and stripped, you can look into selling it. The business will weigh each type of metal separately and pay you up front for it. If you want to sell metal for extra cash, take the time to research prices and reputable companies. The pay out will be worth the extra effort that you put into it.

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