Blog Site Privacy Policy is also dedicated to keep its private visitors private. By this, I, the blog site owner, mean that whoever visits here will be assured that the site will not be providing third parties any information about web users who visit this blog site like they were just hand outs on the mall.

For starters, is a blog site that features articles mostly based on the personal experiences of the site owner as well as data that has been gathered personally by the blog site owner, whose information could be accessed here. There will be instances when the blog site owner will be featuring articles from other sites or from contributors but these will always be properly given credit, including every third party photos, videos, or audio that will be used in any blog post. normally does not collect any information from those who randomly visit the blog site. However, the blog site keeps a count of the visitors at real time, but this real time visitor count feature does not, in any way, allow the user, the generator, or any of those involved in the site, gain access to any information about the visitors.

The only time the blog site can gain access to any information regarding a visitor is when the visitor comments or reacts on a post or shares it via the automatic share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and the like on each article. But that information would just be regarding whatever detail the visitor has already shared about himself on social media. For one time visitors or those who would want to comment on any post in the blog site without logging on to any Internet portal, he will be required to provide at least a valid email address.

Aside from email addresses and social media pages, this blog site may also, from time to time, collect the following details from our regular visitors: Name, demographics, other contact information aside from those provided online, job titles, income range, interests, as well as preferences. These will be through a random survey conducted on the website from time to time, with the aims of first and foremost, know what kind of web users this blog site attracts the most, if it is actually getting the kind of users this blog site is intended for in the first place, and devise a strategy on what the blog site owner could do to adopt to the kind of users this blog site attracts every too often. This is all in the effort of always making sure that what is in this blog site will always be relevant and fresh.

The blog site owner could also from time to time use the information that is provided us in sending out online promotional material regarding new posts, new features, or new products on the site, in the form of emails, social media prompts, or occasionally, postal mail if it were a promo or contest conducted on the site which a visitor has won. But always be assured that the owner of this blog site will never, ever sell our visitors’ information. The blog site owner has also set up safeguards such as web captcha and the like in the effort of warding off unwanted and unauthorized intruders to the site.

This blog site also uses cookies, which are small files that can be stored on our visitors’ computers. These are harmful files that will actually allow our visitors easy re-access to the site as well as the detail that they have actually visited this blog site and when, just like a log. On the part of the blog site owner, these cookies are used to monitor the traffic or the quantity of visitors the blog site manages to get in a day. Take note that we do this only for statistics purposes – once the numbers have been counted, which normally takes just a flick of a finger; the data derived from cookies is immediately deleted from the system.

When you visit this blog site, you are automatically entitled to accept these cookies. You have the option to decline these by changing your browser settings. Please take note that this may cause you to not be able to view some of the features of the website, which requires cookies to work.

From time to time, visitors will also encounter links or buttons to third party websites that could be of interest. Please take note however that when you have clicked on these links, we no longer have any responsibility on any breach of privacy or protection that may happen in the event of your visit to the other site.