The Right Golf Grips Are Every Golfer’s Best friend

The dog is man’s best friend, and golf grips are the golfer’s. A best friend is someone that you can rely on in times of need and can improve you in many ways the longer you are together. Golf grips are arguably the key factor to get you the perfect swing you have always wanted when playing golf.

Golf GripsGolf grips provide comfort and stability to your arms in every swing you make. These benefits actually enable you to make perfect swings with the least recoil to your hands and arms. On top of that, it also raises accuracy in every hit.

Choosing the Right Grip

The right grip must be selected. In order to do that, some factors must be considered first in order to find the best grips for you. There are many kinds of golf grips, each with distinct features. The items listed below are the most commonly used types with advantages and disadvantages included.

  • The first type is the Cord which is very tough in many conditions. It is sometimes considered an “all-weather” type because of its durability. This is a good choice if you are looking for long lasting grips with a sturdy feeling, but this grip has a very coarse feel on the hands, making some players uncomfortable.
  • Next is the Rubber which is also very durable like the Cord type and has a good tacky quality so it does not easily slip on the hands. One drawback of this type is its roughness and the tackiness wears out easily every time you clean it. But given that case, this type costs cheaper than the other types.
  • The third type is the synthetic kind which is soft to the hands with a nice and comfortable feeling. Most hobby players prefer this kind because of the ease of swing it brings. This type may be very ideal but it is not that durable to different environmental conditions. Another thing many players notice is its limitation to “soft-grip” players only.
  • Lastly, there is the leather type. This type has a classic look and nice comfortable feel. Leather grips also are very tacky but the main drawback here is that they are very costly and not that durable. Also, once it gets wet or rainy, the handling also drops.

The grip types listed above are the most commonly used so it would be a good baseline of selection to beginners.

The Basics of Golf Grips

Before buying a grip, it is right to be aware of the types there are in the market but it is also very important to know the other factors that must be looked into. Aside from the tackiness and grip feel, it is also important to consider the effects it brings to your arms and hands, and the stability it provides.

The first basic thing to consider is the recoil it brings to your hands and arms. Every time you hit the ball, force from the impact is drawn back to the club then to your hands and arms. This constant practice brings stress to your hands and arms. So, in order to minimize it, finding the right grip to absorb and disperse the impact is very critical without sacrificing the comfort and accuracy. Grips that are too soft can absorb the most impact but generally lowers the accuracy to some players because of the low handling nature of the soft grips. On the other hand, harder and sturdier grips give nice control and accuracy but absorb less impact, delivering more stress to your hands and arms.

The next thing to consider is the size of the grip. Basically, you won’t be able to hold a handle properly if it is either too big or too small for your hands. Finding just the right size for your palm can greatly improve playability and performance. Also, you need to factor in the size of the gloves that you will use because it also adds to the circumference size.

How and Where to Find Your Golf “Bestfriend”

There are many places where you can purchase grips that will be perfect for you. You can simply go to malls and look for sports shops that sell good quality grips. There, you can check immediately the product and get a hold of it first-hand.


And there is our very convenient online store that provides a wider range of products. They even deliver your orders right to your doorsteps in a very timely manner. One online store that is best recommended is the where you can find a lot of golf equipments including grips that are made in high qualities.

It will be up to you where you would like to purchase a grip but always remember to be critical and objective in finding the right golf “best friend”.


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